Adopt A Missionary

Even if you are unable to be a financial partner, there are many various avenues in which you can be a ministry partner with us. 

Pray for us.

We rely on a network of intercessors that cover, not only our ministry, but our marriage, health and wellbeing in prayer.

Read and share our blog.

We love sharing our stories and experiences with you. If something we have written or posted moves or excites you, please share it with others.

Keep in touch.

We love hearing from our friends and family. Let us know how we can pray for you. Shoot us an e-mail or comment on our blog (we love hearing your thoughts). Even though we are far away from so many people we love, we can still keep in touch.

Donate airline miles!

We travel. A lot. If you have accumulated a number of airlines miles and are interested in gifting them to us, please let us know. It could go a long way.