Our Mission

Below is a brief overview of our heart and mission as a couple as we continue to serve in YWAM. We are passionate about equipping the church with the tools they need to study, understand and apply the Bible to their lives and their communities. We desire to see this happening in our YWAM missionary school, in our local churches, and in the international church.

Biblical Literacy:

Did you know that the majority of Christians have never been taught how to study the Bible? And that over %75 of church going Christians rarely read their Bible besides on a Sunday morning?

According to the Barna Group’s 2014 Year-In-Review report, Bible skepticism is tied with Bible engagement. Meaning the number of those who are skeptical or agnostic toward the Bible—who believe the Bible is “just another book of teachings written by men that contains stories and advice”—has nearly doubled from 10% to 19% in just three years. This is now equal to the number of people who are Bible engaged—who read the Bible at least four times a week and believe it is the actual or inspired Word of God. Any report, article, or statistic will show the same trend. As a church and as individuals we should all be concerned about the impact this will have on our nation in the coming years.

“The Bible is how we know God, relate to him, and love Him. You cannot love what you do not know.” – Steve Gregg

During our School of Biblical Studies we both fell in love with the Bible: reading it, studying it, and teaching it as well. We soon realized that it wasn’t enough for us to just gain more Biblical knowledge, but to share that with others, both in YWAM and the local and global church. Our heart is to pass on tools we have learned to make the bible approachable to the average Christian. We want to equip believers with the skills to correctly interpret the bible for themselves. Finally, we want to see believer’s passion for God’s word ignited! We are currently doing this in these various ways:

  1. Teaching in the Discipleship Training School: We teach a week-long lecture titled “Bible Overview: God’s Redemptive Plan” during the DTS each year. During that week we also teach our students the basic steps of inductive Bible study. We then follow this up by teaching every week for 3 hours Biblical study principles that the students can use for the rest of their lives.
  2. Teaching Biblical Studies Seminars: So far we have taught 6 seminars with students representing more than 8 church bodies. The goal of this 3 1/2 hour seminar is to introduce the students to the Inductive Bible Study Method through the book of Philemon.
  3. The Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC): We will be helping to run a 3-month long bible school dedicated to equipping believers with the tools to read and understand the bible. During this school our students will read the bible cover to cover, learn the Inductive Bible Study method, and conduct in-depth studies of 12 key books of the Bible. This is a wonderful course and is foundational for all who desire to continue on in YWAM or any other ministry after completion of their Discipleship Training School.