Genesis to Revelation: Teaching in the DTS

Thanks for all of the prayers over this last week. We finished our week-long lecture in the DTS. It came out to about 13 hours of teaching over a period of four days. We covered a lot of material in that time including:

  • The authority/reliability of scripture
  • Basic Bible (translations/divisions/etc)
  • Overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • Major themes in the bible (including law, the covenants, holiness, presence of the Lord)
  • The inductive method of the bible (through a seminar on the book of Philemon)

We took turns teaching different sections of the material and were so proud of the students for being attentive and alert despite the heavy content!


It was a wonderful experience for us to be able to share what we have studied over the last year in our School of Biblical Studies. Our goal for the students was to 1) spark a passion in them for God’s word 2) help them understand the biblical narrative as a whole and 3) introduce them to the inductive method. Along the way we learned quite a bit ourselves. We want to always be perpetual students of the Word of God – continuing to learn and grow. Then, on Friday, after a week of teaching, we took the students up to Waimea Canyon to explore some of God’s most epic creation!

Thank you to those who were praying for us to find housing over in Waimea. We found a room to rent and will be moving in tomorrow! Look for an update next week on the move. 🙂