Grow. Grow where you are. Anchor your roots underneath.

Praise report: we have been blessed with a house to “rent” for the next three months for FREE. Yes, for free. Isn’t God amazing? David and I just moved into the 2nd house last week. That makes our 6th move in Kauai alone, and 12 moves total in the five years we have been married. Five years, four states, twelve moves, and God has provided for us every step of the way.

Over the last two months we have been working to put roots down here in Waimea – Kauai. Particularly in the form of community outreaches. In just this short time we have seen so many open doors and are already involved volunteering at the local high school, salvation army, nursing home, and with a homeless church service weekly. In addition, we are able to build relationships with the local kids through an open gym time in the afternoon. Please pray for deep and meaningful relationships to begin and grow in the upcoming months.

In addition, David and I have been working to prepare for the upcoming DTS, which begins in two short weeks! This has included buying house furniture, leading Staff training workshops, coordinating with speakers,  and detailing the school schedule. We will also be teaching on the Story of the Bible on September 26 – 30.

Prayer Requests:

-The soon-to-be-arriving students would have open hearts ready to receive all that God has for them in this time.
-Continued relationships built in Waimea, particularly among non-believers.
-Personally, that we would be able to juggle all of our responsibilities and be efficient with our time.
-Our upcoming teaching: that the students would fall in love with God’s word and feel better equipped to study it on their own.

Thank you to all of our financial supporters and prayer partners – you allow this work to continue on. We are so blessed by each and every one of you.

David and Abigail Elliott