“Who Do You Say That I Am?”

This Monday we asked our students to reflect on the books of the bible they had studied thus far, particularly meditating on God’s character. How does each book reveal a different side or attribute of God? How does God’s work through human history reveal his character? How do the names of God proclaim his identity? Here are some of the things they came up with.

He is the God of broken people.

He restores and heals.

He administers Justice.

He is a fortress of safety.

He is the king of kings.

He elects people to cary out his will.

He fulfills his promises.

He takes care of the foreigner and the widow.

He is parental.

He is wise.

He is a protector.

He is patient.

he is faithful.

He is sacrificial.

He is empathetic.

He is the great I am.

He is the light of the world.

He longs for his children.

He is a relational God.

He is set apart.

He desires communication.

He is a provider.

He is faithful.

He desires humility in leadership.

He is trustworthy.

He is a guide.

he is everlasting.

He is deliverer.

He is the God who dwells with us.

He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

He is just.

He is always present.

He is redeemer.

He is the God of outcasts.

He is master and king of the universe.

I encourage you to reflect on God’s character throughout your daily quiet times. What names are given? How does he describe himself? How do his actions speak about his heart for humanity? Then consider your own view of God – do they match? Based on God’s word, do you need to adjust your view of God? Are you making him smaller then he really is? Are you simplifying His character? Do you believe that God is who he says he is in regards to you and your life?