To the Ends of the Earth

“We did it!” was the sentiment two nights ago when the last of our DTS students left for home. We did it. You have to understand that it is something of a miracle that the seven of us staff were able to pull off the last six months. Especially when you understand that only days before the first student arrived we had no where for them to live. We also had no classroom space for them to be taught in each day. In fact, I would be lying if I said we didn’t consider canceling the school altogether. Yet here we are, six months, later looking back on an incredible school and the transformed lives of each of our eight students (and lets be honest, of us staff as well).

So I guess what I mean to say is that we didn’t do it at all. God did. He worked miracle after miracle – providing a five bedroom home…under budget. Providing a beautiful classroom free of charge within walking distance of our home. Providing the finances for each of our staff AND students to go on their three month outreach to Nepal. Most of all, God was the one who transformed our students. He showed up at every lecture, every time of intercession, worship and community outreach. He showed up in the mountains of Nepal and in the remote villages of the world. And for that I am so incredibly grateful.

So, without further ado: I give to you four testimonies from our DTS students:


“In Katmandu we went to a feeding program. At the end when we were all cleaning up and everyone was leaving we saw a man whose whole left side of his body was paralyzed. He had a cane and was limping with the use of that cane. We prayed for him and nothing happened. We prayed for him again and nothing happened, and then the third time we prayed for him he just lifted up his arm and his leg and began to walk! He handed us his cane and began to stretch his body in complete shock of what had happened. It was just another example of God moving – he healed a paralyzed man!” – Raelene, Missouri

“Our first month of outreach in Pokhara, Nepal I met a woman on the street selling jewelry. She was a Tibetan Buddhist named Karma. We talked for a 12552609_10207238284853708_2754711897215918868_nwhile and she told me how she spends most of her time selling jewelry to make money for her family. Her back and knees were in a lot of pain because of the weight of the bag she carried. By the end of our time I asked to pray for her and she said, “No, I’m Buddhist”, so I just prayed for her silently. Two months later I was back in Pokhara – sitting in a restaurant – and she walked in. We talked for a while. I asked her about her beliefs and she told be about Buddhism and her desire for peace and unity in the world. I shared the love of Christ with her and how he brought peace to the world. She was so amazed by the way that I was talking about the God that I believed in. She talked about the pain in her legs again. I prayed for her and by the end of our lunch she was completely healed. The knots that she had had in her legs for the longest time were gone! She was amazed by this and wanted to give her life to Christ. I taught her how to pray and she gave her life to Jesus and received his Holy Spirit. I had never led someone to Christ before so it was a really incredibly experience to share the gospel and see them receive the love of the Lord.” – Emily, Pennsylvania

Preaching the gospel in remote villages in Nepal.
Preaching the gospel in remote villages in Nepal.

“Before YWAM I was definitely a Christian seeking God but not with my whole heart – not in maybe the most genuine way. I had a lot of doubts that ran pretty deep about my faith and about whether or not God even existed. Throughout lecture phase those were torn down one by one and then in Nepal they were really transformed. I really encountered Jesus in a new way. I’m coming out of YWAM as a completely different person I think. I really have a grounded faith in Jesus and, more importantly, I think I’ve realized I don’t need to work on myself to please him. I can just let him work through me to become how he wants me to be – and that’s a cool change.” – Sydney, Alberta

Bibles being handed out for the very first time in this village.

“I remember specifically in one of the villages we encountered a man who used to be a Christian. He wanted to come back to faith but he had some questions and concerns. We were in his house and answering his questions when he accepted Christ. His eyes were lit up and he had encountered the Holy Spirit. There was this man across from him, known as the “village drunk”, who had heard and witnessed the entire exchange. When he heard his friend had become a Christian he threw off his hat and grabbed his ears which meant “I’m sorry please forgive me” in his culture. We heard he was saying, “I’m sorry for drinking. I will not drink any more.” It was amazing to watch the conviction of the Holy Spirit on him in that moment. This man had only heard the gospel – not rules or laws – he didn’t hear any of that. he simply heard of Jesus and the Holy Spirit convicted him of alcoholism.” – Haeli, Missouri

As most of you know, YWAM is completely support based. Each and every one of us are here because of the faithful, generous support of friends and family. So for those of you who contribute to our ministry – thank you. I hope that you consider the testimonies above YOUR testimonies. As the ones who “send” us, you are irreplaceable in our ministry. I hope that these stories encourage you and remind you that you are having an impact on the “ends of the earth”.



We are packing our bags once more and preparing to leave the Aloha state in seven short days. David and I will be traveling to Salem, Oregon to work with YWAM Salem‘s Chronological Bible Core Course. We will be staffing, grading, and teaching in the school while also learning how to direct this same school next year in Kauai. We’ve never been to this part of the country, so if you know of any “must see” areas let us know.

For more testimonies from our students from this last DTS, check out the DTS Recap video I put together for their graduation: