7 Spheres of Influence

One of YWAM’s teaching is based on the idea of these 7 spheres that shape our society. Loren Cunningham YWAM’s founder initially felt like God gave him this idea as a unique strategy in reaching the nations of the World. Let me expand on the idea a little so you can get the picture. As God’s people our mission is to “make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19. We used to think of this as selling everything you have and go to the Amazon, or the bush in Africa to reach the “lost”. Well, not that that isn’t still true in a sense, we in YWAM fell like that God has also called us into the “7 spheres”. These are the places that truly change the way nations are formed, ran, and relate to other nations. Take Media for instance, I like to ask people how the media influences our daily life. Media, is such a huge influencer sometime we don’t even realize. Every day here in Houston I drive the 20 mile stretch from Spring, to Downtown passing by probably over 50 billboards. Now, those billboards advertise anything from Doritos chips, to Smirnoff Alcohol. Turn on the radio and skim through the stations, or turn on the tv and look through the channels, go online and see what the media is advertising, or throwing at us daily. Now, ask yourself, is it generally good? or bad? Is what we see, watch, or listen to influencing us is a positive way or negative way?

For those of you who have teenagers, you understand that most information and “truth” they receive comes from the media. Scary thought when you know that ABC Family’s motto is “A new kind of family” Do you ever wonder what they are telling your kids is right and wrong? I could go on and on, but I think you are getting the basic idea.

Now, I won’t give you examples on the other 6, but maybe just ask yourself how theses 7 things are influencing you at this very moment even.

One of my favorite quotes is this…”A Missionary isn’t just one who crosses the sea, but one who sees the cross and shares that Faith wherever they are.” I like to addd in there that it also takes us being intentional in sharing our faith daily doesn’t it? I can go weeks without people knowing I am a Christian, we need to be living intentionally.

I met a man the other day who lives here in Houston that blesses my heart greatly. Meet Tony, a man probably in his early 60′s who is a teacher at a local school. He easily could be retired, taking life easy, possibly living on the beach somewhere. But, instead he chooses to stay and teach, because he understands the amazing opportunity he has to reach the kids he teaches and the chances he has to speak the love of Christ into there lives every day. I love this! Dean is a missionary, do you see that? He doesn’t have to be in Africa to live out the call God has for him in making disciples. I was truly amazed hearing his heart for the kids he teaches at that school.

Another example is a family friend Mike, who owns a printing business here in Houston. I sat in his office this past week as he shared his heart. A former pastor, now in the “Business Sphere”. Just because he isn’t “In the ministry” doesn’t stop him from making disciples right there in his shop. He was telling me how many opportunitys he has weekly, of talking and praying with his customers. He understands the calling God has for him to be a missionary in the that sphere.

This summer as we continue to host our 10 shot-term teams we will continue to share this teaching with them, with the hope they catch the call God has for them of being “Full-time missionaries” wherever God takes them. Weather that is a nurse, accountant, or stay at home mom.”

Maybe this is old news to you, or maybe this is something that you never heard before. No matter where God has you, I encourage you to ask God how you can better reach those God has put into your “sphere”.

Luke 10:2 He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

David Elliott