New Residents of Kauai!

10949021_413944195436069_139688120_nLIFE IN KAUAI

  • Community Living: David and I have moved into a YWAM staff house with 8 other YWAM missionaries in the town of Kapa’a, on the East side of the island. Although community living is hard for some people to understand, it definitely has its blessings. Being in such close proximity with others provides, not only a chance to grow, but a chance to learn from some amazing people.
  • Evangelism: Although our ultimate goal is to share Christ with everyone and anyone who will listen, these conversations are best had amongst friends. For that reason, we spend time just building relationships with those around us, seeing how we can meet practical needs as well as spiritual. One morning we brought coffee/mugs down to Kapa’a beach park to share conversations and hot beverages with some of the homeless in our community. Our presence was well received and it wasn’t long before we were able to get a glimpse into the very real struggles of Kauai. One hawaiian young man came from generations of substance abuse. Both parents died from overdosing at the very park we spoke at. Just the day before, his cousin committed suicide. Another woman came from generations of domestic abuse and told us she struggled to “get the voices of her past out of her head”. Both were willing to allow us to pray for them and the woman received a bible. She was excited to begin reading the gospel of John right away.
  • Staff Training: In exactly two weeks we will be running a 6-month Discipleship Training School here on Kauai. This means that students w11849943_1043319122353503_1057440730_nill come here for a three-month “lecture phase” and then head out to Central Asia for three months of outreach. For the next two weeks we will be go through staff training to get us ready for our different roles in the school.
  • Exploring: During our time off we have enjoyed exploring this wild, green, enchanting island! The land is filled with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, wildflowers and exotic (to me) fruit. Let’s just say we feel lucky to be in such beautiful corner of the world.


  • Teaching Week: From September 28 – October 2 David and I will be teaching the DTS (Discipleship Training School) students. Our topic is An Overview of the Bible: Tracing God’s Redemptive Plan. Our prayer is that through this week the students will develop a love for thethe word of God as well as an understanding of how each book of the bible fits together in the entire narrative. David and I view this opportunity as a blessing and a huge responsibility; 11856682_513879648766145_1100044646_nwe will spend the next 4 weeks preparing! Neither of us has taught for this length of time (12-15 hours total) so we could use your prayers as we organize the lecture.
  • Inductive Method of Bible Study: After our teaching, David and I will have three hours each week with the students, for the remainder of the school, to teach them how to study the bible inductively. We will work through different books of the bible and hopefully instill lifelong principals in the students. Coming from our recent School of Biblical Studies, this is a great excuse for us to continue studying. The greatest way to learn is to teach!
  • Media & Evangelism: I (Abigail) will be over Social Media (photos/videos/Facebook/etc) during this school. David will be leading bi-monthly community outreaches with the students as well as occasional worship times.
  • Planning for the CBCC: As most of you know, our long term goal here in Kauai is to pioneer a Bible Core Course. We are now in the beginning stages of preparing for this endeavor (seeking mentorship/training as well as planning curriculum/etc). Please pray for guidance as this is completely uncharted waters for us! (do you see a theme? :D)That’s it for now – as always we are indebted to all of our partners, who have a passion for missions and a love for us as a couple.