The Messy Bible

“A person’s who’s Bible is messed up, usually isn’t” 

The Book of Micah after our short 2 day study. (Taken with my computer, so it's backwards)
The Book of Micah after our short 2 day study. (Taken with my computer, so it’s backwards)

I still remember my grandpa Lerch telling this to me many times growing up. I always remember His, and my grandmother’s Bibles having so many notes, highlights, and arrows that only they could read it anymore. As grandkids we used to always say we wanted grandpa Lerch’s Bible one day.

I never expected myself to eventually get the the point of my Grandpa’s Bible, but low and behold the past 4 months being in the SBS here at YWAM Honolulu, I have to say that my Bible is “messed up”. Now, grandpa Lerch would also emphasize to me that “usually” didn’t mean “always”. As I read through each book during the course of the SBS, it is always a requirement to write a personal application based on truths we have found during our inductive study. As my Bible continues to get “messed up” I want to make sure I become more like the Jesus, and not continue to be “messed up”, but allow the Bible to change me daily.

As we enter our 3rd week of the quarter we will have already studied through 6 books, all O.T prophets. We just finishing reading through Micah…yes, that is a book in the Bible, I loved seeing the Lord’s heart for justice. The theme found throughout Micah is the Lord’s indictment regarding the injustices in the nation of Judah. Isaiah touched on the same topic in his messages to Judah, but Micah gives us a clear picture into the calling the Lord has placed on all our lives.

Micah 6:8 “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and walk humbly with your God?”

As our key verse for Micah, it shows us the Lord’s clear desire for us all to “do justice”. As I was reflecting on what I had just studied, I began to think of what this looks like practically for me now, this week, or maybe in the future. What do you think this means to you? How can you “do justice” where you are? There are so many excuses we can make in avoiding the dirty work of establishing justice, but I encourage you to ask the Lord what He requires of you. It may be something as simple as giving your food to a homeless person, or donating time, or money to a charity, combating injustice around the world. Or, it may be something way outside your comfort zone, like fostering or adopting, or giving something cherished or valuable to a person you know that is in need.

I am so thankful for the heritage that my grandparent have given me, in the desire to know the Lord, and know His word. As we continue in our busy lives, lets be the one who allows the Bible to change our messed up lives, and “do justice”