10,000 Reasons For My Heart To Find

Last night, during a time of corporate worship, we sang Matt Redman’s song, Bless the Lord. I was struck by the lyric, “For all your goodness I will keep on singing, ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.” How many reasons to we have to praise the Lord? What reasons do I have to give him my life, my time, my energy?

At the start of the SBS I wanted to wipe clean any pre-conceived notions about the character of God. I wanted to be re-introduced to Him book by book, Genesis through Revelation, in the way he chose to reveal himself throughout human history. In Genesis I was introduced to him as Creator God; the initiator of the universe who brings chaos into order. Exodus revealed Him as the redeemer, releasing his children from bondage and drawing them into freedom. In Leviticus I saw the terrible and beautiful holiness of God, represented in a consuming, purifying fire. Numbers showed His faithfulness, Deuteronomy His love, and Joshua His unquestioned might. Each book adding layer upon layer to our great and mysterious God.

Today we will finish our study of Ruth, where I discovered a gentle side of God that I had not yet glimpsed. His tenderness and attention towards the daily struggles of two widows is remarkable. Through the story, a new layer has been added to His character: He is our “restorer of life” and our “nourisher” (Ruth 4:15).

There are truly ten thousand reasons for our hearts to praise Him.

On another note, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your prayers, love and encouragement. The pace of our school is pretty incredible, so we are doing our best to stay in touch with everyone, but it is hard. Please know how grateful we are for you.

Although it has been a bit of an adjustment, moving into one small room in a shared living space, we are so blessed by our fellow students and staff. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be working with!