We are Moving to Hawaii


We are pleased and excited to announce that in September 2014 we will be attending a 12-month School of Biblical Studies (SBS) through YWAM Honolulu. As many of you know, David and I committed to serve with YWAM Houston for two years. Our goal was both to serve the wonderful mission of this base as well as get hands-on experience with inner-city ministry. We believe that over the past two years God has both used us to change this city and used this city to change us. Leaving YWAM Houston will be bittersweet, as we have grown to love the people here and the work that God is doing in this city. At the same time, we are so excited for what is coming! For those of you who have journeyed alongside of us, thank you for your prayer, encouragement and support – we could not have embarked on this adventure without you. Over the past six months we have been asking God, “What is next for us?” Repeatedly, the answer has been to get additional biblical training. In fact, this is something that has been on our hearts for years. We feel that God has called us, as a couple, into long-term missions work and want to be well equipped for the task. This school will lay a solid foundation that we will use in the years to come. We hope that you catch the vision with us as we walk into this next season with YWAM. -David and Abigail Elliott

Check out our most recent newsletter reviewing our time in Houston and looking forward to our SBS in Hawaii:

Elliott Missions Spring 2014 Newsletter

For more detailed information about this next step, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

UPDATE: As many of you know, the SBS was originally scheduled to begin in June. After already moving to Hawaii, we learned that the school had to be postponed until September, 2014 for multiple reasons. Although this was unplanned, we firmly believe that this is all part of God’s timing. After praying and talking through our options, an opportunity arose for us to live Kauai and work with the YWAM Kauai team there. We will be able to assist them in preparing for their upcoming DTS and join in community outreaches. Keep checking back for more details on our move to Kauai!





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