Little Snippets

Loving Houston Training Classes: In October we welcomed ten brave families into our Pre-Service Training Classes. These families are gearing up to be licensed foster/adoptive homes for orphans and at-risk children in Houston. I love watching the church step up and be the answer to such a need. As one of our trainers said, “foster care is the gospel on a silver platter.” Being foster/adoptive parents means opening up your entire life to a child and his/her birthparents. I am so proud of our licensed families as I have watched them walk through real hardship and heartbreak. So many of them have gone above and beyond when it comes to loving our birthparents and loving these foster/adoptive children as their very own.

LHAA Pre-Service Training Class

Pumpkin Carving: This month David Elliott carved his very first pumpkin! His is the cyclops (in case you couldn’t tell). In addition to pumpkin carving I have tried to get into the holiday spirit by making my own crock pot version of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte. It wasn’t QUITE as good, but I thought it came pretty darn close (the whipped cream helped).

pumpkin carving
Boo!The finished product

The finished product!

Orphan Sunday: November 3rd is apparently Orphan Sunday, something that I am only recently familiar with. This year several churches asked Loving Houston/YWAM Houston to be represented, not only as an adoption agency, but as a ministry as well. David and I set up a small booth at a local church and had fun meeting people from other agencies/ministries and speaking with church members. They also served really good coffee and donuts. Plus.


Tis The Season: The past few weeks we have kept ourselves busy with preparation for the holidays. YWAM Houston hosts a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Angel Tree (children’s christmas) event each year. On Thanksgiving we will have a special service and serve approximately 200 people a thanksgiving meal. For Christmas we will be giving away over 200 backpacks (stuffed with hygiene, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, etc) and sleeping bags as well as serving a Christmas meal and sharing the gospel. Our Angel Tree event is focused on the children of Montrose Street Reach. Local churches will be adopting children and buying Christmas gifts and needed items for those kids. Right now we have 170 children signed up to receive gifts. Far above and beyond the monetary giving, we hope that these events will provide us with windows of opportunity to speak truth, encourage, preach, pray with and love on others.

As always, thank you SO much for encouraging and supporting us. We could not be here without you!


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