A Plentiful Harvest

Prayer Requests from the women at the Harris County Jail:

“Heal me. Help me find God. Heal my daughter. Change my life.”

“I pray that God gives me understanding towards the death of my son who was murdered.”

“In jail for crack addiction. Need deliverance. I’m have been a born again Christian since the 1970’s. I’m a prodigal daughter who wants to come home again.”

“Please pray that my children are not being verbally or physically abused while I am in jail. They need God’s protection.”

“Please pray that my walk with God would become strong and unbreakable.”

“For God to save me, to help me release and let go of all the anger inside of me.”

“Pray that I stay away from temptation when I get out and find a church home to help me stay on the narrow path.”

“I need prayer to be comfortable with myself. I always worry about things I can’t control. Pray that I will not fear and will trust God. Help me to get rid of this problem I have the keeps on putting me back in here. I want to change I just don’t know what is going on with me.”



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