“Takin’ Hope To The Streets”

Just wanted to share with you all about an event we did with “Star Of Hope” a homeless ministry in Houston ministering to the homeless. We had an awesome time with them taking “Hope” to the streets of Houston. Below is a follow up email from the outreach coordinator, Di Tubbs. Please take time to read and be blessed that you are a direct part of this by partnering with us here in Houston.
Thank You,
-David And Abigail
“After taking part in the Homeless Enumeration for the past 5 years; Erika Wise, Director of Extended Services, was given a vision of doing a massive “street outreach/evangelism” effort as part of the new Outreach program under her department.  When planning the year of events in late January, it was decided to call the event “Takin Hope to the Streets”.  As the event drew closer, Outreach Coordinator, Di Tubbs, contacted Martin Dale of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) to see if they would partner with us in this effort to blanket the Montrose and other areas of town where homeless and homeless youth gathered to bring HOPE! Wearing brightly colored shirts with the “Takin Hope to the Streets” logo–seventy-one volunteers took water; snacks; Christian literature; and the HOPE of the Gospel of Christ to those in the streets of Houston.  We desired to reach particularly the 18-23 year-olds who were out on the streets to inform them of the coming New Journey Program and begin to establish a “heart-to-heart” connection with those youth in hopes they would eventually come to the shelter/TLC and choose “HOPE”.”
238 – Individual encountered (Homeless/Near Homeless)
91 – Person requesting prayer
2 – Salvations
220+ – Waters distributed
300+ – Snacks distributed
7 – Men taken to MDC for shelter
1 – Woman taken to WF for shelter
1 – Man taken to VA Hospital to get meds (to qualify for shelter)
In Your Words (from volunteers): 
“Ernie’s testimony was that he had been set free from hard drugs, but needed to stay free and asked for prayer. We prayed for his deliverance.” (Butte Park group)
“Wanda wanted to know if she should return to the WF Shelter. We ministered the confirmation that she needed and we prayed for healing for her lungs. We left her with her promising to return to the WF Shelter.” (Montrose area)
“Ran into a young man who new the YWAM staff from years ago. We prayed with him and are talking to him about getting into a program. He’s very open to Jesus. Just got out of jail on September 5th and is struggling with prostitution. Believing Jesus to work in his life…FREEDOM!” (Main/Gray McDonald’s)
“Thank you for the wonderful experience.”
“We had a good response from people who needed prayer for some life situations and then we prayed for salvation as well.” (Greyhound Bus Station group)
“We prayed for quite a few people. One girl in particular was very impacted and blessed by our group. She wants do to missions. Yay! The response was good and people love when hope is spoken.” (Greyhound Bus Station group)
“Wonderful experience ministering to several men and women. Prayed for almost everyone!” (Spaghetti Warehouse group)
“Let’s do it again! Had many great conversations. Prayed with lots of people.”
“As we prayed over a man named Jason, onlookers from a local bar were present.  After we finished handing out water and snacks to Jason and another homeless gentleman, the onlookers reached out to us and said they were very touched by what we were doing.” (Montrose area)
“Great experience! Would love to do this again!”
“It was an awesome experience to know how blessed we truly are and to give hope to those who don’t know Christ.” (downtown Library group)

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