We Wish You a Merry Christmas (and a happy new year)

Welcome to 2013!

The new year is off to a good (busy) start with a Discipleship Training School of approximately 30 students here in Houston. They arrived on January 2nd and kicked off our first Street Church of the year with amazing worship, dramas and testimonies. It was a cold night so we supplemented our usual soda and water with a little hot chocolate to keep warm. The parking lot was filled with men and women wearing matching sweatshirts, hats and gloves, all Christmas gifts from churches around the Houston area. I realize I have 2 months of catching up to do, as our last post was the beginning of November. Hopefully the pictures below will help you see what we were up to over the holidays. As always, thanks for the love and support you show us year-round.

Angel Tree Children’s Night:

A local church brought in a screen and sound system for the kids to watch a Christmas Veggie Tales film and they served hot chocolate and popcorn. I think the adults liked it even more then the kids.
Christmas gifts for the children
This year we had approximately 200 children covered through an Angel Tree. Each child received toys and clothes, items all donated by the local church.
For the first time, a live nativity was brought onto our Street Church parkinglot. We had baby goats on leashes, a donkey, and some folks dressed up like shepherds. At one point the donkey nocked over the manger, but other then that it was a success. Bonus: The kids LOVED the animals.

























Christmas Time at Street Church!

IMG_1285 IMG_1287

IMG_1290 IMG_1300



















We stuffed 275 backpacks full of hats, gloves, hygiene bags, sweatshirts, socks and other items for our congregation.With the backpack we also gave out 275 sleeping bags and pillows. It has been wonderful watching the body of Christ, regardless of denomination, come together to donate, volunteer and work towards becoming God’s hands and feet in our city. It was beautiful!

David & Abigail

PS We would love to hear from each of you! Let us know what you did during the holidays and how God is working in your lives. We will be praying for you as we head into 2013.


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