A Mitt Romney Band Aid


Post Election Thoughts

As I awoke this morning I like most of you had a lot of post election thoughts, and emotions. After watching election news for the past 3 months I can honestly say that my life was consumed. I can admit that I like some thought that THIS is THE end of humanity. What a though huh? Am I really that self-centered? That focused on my own well being? Granted, I am deeply saddened by the choice “We the people” have made. Choosing our choice above a baby’s life, our feelings above God-ordained marriage. These are things I don’t take lightly, nor do I believe God looks past, and we will be judged greatly for our choices as a Nation.

Now, I am speaking for myself here, but ask yourself if you did, or still do theses things and see what God is speaking to you as well. How often have I prayed “God send revival to this Nation”? I can honestly say that during the past three months it has been far more then ever before. And we can argue what “revival” is, but that is not the point here. Step back a minute and think what that prayer means……..When in history does true revival happen when we are comfortable? Or when we have everything and life just keeps going great? I will argue very few, if not ever before. Before we pray, STOP! And think……is this a possible answer to our prayers? I can’t say for sure, but is there a greater chance that we will see this happen with Obama? Or Romney?

Over the past three or so months I can personally say I have prayed more for our nation then ever before. I have asked God to turn our hearts, I have become much more desperate for God then before. Now, I know that if Romney would have been elected I would have woke up this morning with a smile on my face thinking we just solved the world’s problems. Is that true? Or is that just a band aid? A temporary fix of a problem. You can see the cut, but the pain is still there. Maybe we need to get stitches, more painful, but in the end it closes the wound. Now, I am not trying to be cute with this enology here but just go with the thought. Abortion won’t end with a pro-life president, only when a Nations heart is changed. Will same-sex marriage end? Will poverty end? We need Jesus! The only answer to our Nations problem.

I will note however a pro-life, pro-marriage president would help greatly in those causes.

Here are a few questions I have asked myself the past month or so, and especially today.

  1. Am I more desperate for God when I am comfortable? Or When things get tough?
  2. Am I Kingdom minded? Or putting my trust in my country?
  3. Am I listening to what God is speaking? Or what Fox or CNN is telling me?
  4. How am I to respond?

I pray for myself that during these next four years our Nation is truly awakened. That abortion would end in our hearts first. That our President would radically get saved! That God’s Kingdom would come here is a more radical, powerful way then we have ever seen. That as Christians we would show the World what the standard is by the way we live for Jesus.

Be kingdom minded not earthly. God is still alive and active. He is moving in bigger ways then ever seen before in all Nations of the World. America is not the salvation of the World, Jesus Christ is! We need revival in our hearts starting with us as Christians. It’s time to be rid of our wicked ways so Christ can heal our wounds and our Nation.



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