October, Caulking and Strip Clubs

Today is October 1st and Houston has the weather to match. It’s cloudy with a nice chilly breeze that makes me want to buy apple spice candles and wear plaid button-ups. Unfortunately I checked the temperature just now and it’s really 72 degrees, which makes me feel silly, but you have to understand that the difference between 72 and 92 degrees is extreme.

Today I am at home, sick in bed and thought it would be a great time to fill you in on recent happenings. For the past week and a half we had 4 YWAMers join us from Tyler, TX. We spent most of the week doing work projects for First Baptist Church. They are in the process of fixing up a wonderful facility that was donated to them. They plan on using it for community outreach/ministry. First Baptist has been very generous with the property in regards to YWAM Houston and hopefully we will be able to house future summer teams and schools at this location! We painted, moved organs/pews, cleaned, etc… David killed one of the largest spiders I have ever seen in my life and I learned how to use a caulk gun. On Thursday night we went out and visited 3 known brothels and areas of human trafficking in Houston on a prayer drive. Unfortunately, our city has been dubbed the “Strip Club Capital of America” which is often just the tip of the ice burg in regards to what is really going on behind closed doors. But on a brighter note, three brothels were recently closed down in the very area we  take teams to pray. The picture below is of a new club that has just emerged in the area named “lust”.

Friday night we had the opportunity to set up a YWAM table at a Christian Conference at Sam Houston State University. We passed out literature and shared how missions has affected our lives.


One thought on “October, Caulking and Strip Clubs

  1. Thanks for updating us on what’s happening. It’s so encouraging to hear all that’s going on down there. I had no idea human trafficking was so big over there, but there goes God shuttin’ stuff down. How great is that!

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