Drag Queen: Michael

  Meet Michael, a former drag queen. We used to see him out on the streets of Montrose on Friday nights. He is a 19 year old boy who has found himself caught up in the “game” so much so that at times we have found him dressed as a leopard by the  local Drag Queen bar “TC’s”. At times he is approachable, and other times he won’t talk or pray with us. Over the past few months we have built a relationship with him through the streets and the Wednesdays when he appears at ”Street Church”. He stands out because of his past history in the church. He knows who God is. Michael knows full-well that he needs God, but the stronghold that Satan has oh his life has made true repentance difficult.

Our directors, Martin and Kim Dale, recently returned from 3 weeks of speaking to 11 churches in their home towns in Missouri and asked them to be praying specifically that God would get a hold of Michael. Well, last Wednesday night God answered our prayers and Michael came to Street Church. During the prayer time we gathered around Michael and laid hands on him. We saw God moving in Michael’s heart as he knelt, and then laid out on the parking lot crying, and at times screaming for God to take his sin. For over a half hour Michael pleaded with God to give him the strength to stay away from the “life-style” that was consuming him.

I was there as Mrs. Kim, myself and others prayed for Michael. As I heard Michael sobbing to God, my heart was truly broken. In that moment I could see the true destructive power that Satan has on our street kids. I have never heard someone so desperate to be rid of their sin, yet so scared that they will return to it again.

This experience has opened up my eyes to see that the sin of homosexuality is not only a perversion of God’s intentions for marriage, but also a destructive lie from Satan. We all know that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but never have I seen it so real then when I was in that moment with Michael. Please continue to pray for Michael as we are in the process of getting him into a Christian discipleship home. He is wanting so badly for God to heal him but still so very tempted to return to the streets.

We will try our best to keep you up to date with Michael’s story.

David Elliott


2 thoughts on “Drag Queen: Michael

  1. Thankyou for this update. Very sobering. Pray that Michael can see the truth ever so clearly and walk away free.

    Thankful that God is mercyful to us and is not ‘homo-phobe’, rather ‘homo-eleos’.
    Eleos (Greek) mercy: kindness or good will towards the miserable and the afflicted, joined with a desire to help them

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