My Job is Easy

I have a secret to share for you. Ministry is easy. Ministry is accessible. Ministry comes to you. The secret is to make yourself accessible. I am the type of person who likes to be fully oriented and prepared for everything I do. I like public speaking, but only with a full week’s notice and a fully memorized speech. I have often thought that true ministry would come AFTER schooling and AFTER training so that I would be prepared. The good news is that we are only empty vessels; the true work is done by our Father. We do not supply the hidden treasure, we merely shout, “Over here! I’ve found it! Come and see!”

Last Thursday night, a night that is normally spent watching old Office episodes or throwing the frisbee around for Rufio, David, Coach and I went to Montrose. Our relaxed plan for the evening was to play a few worship songs and pray over the city. We have been here long enough to know that the street kids were filling up the bars and the homeless were just now making their beds on the cement under the city bridge. After prayer we would call it a night.

David played as we sat on the sprawling roots of “the tree” at the center of Montrose. As we sang our way through the second song I saw Evelyn, a tiny girl dressed in bright, flannel pajama pants and carrying large fabric grocery bags filled with her possessions. She walked over and meekly stood in front of me, staring. David continued to sing. I looked at her and smiled. She waved.

It was as simple as that. She heard the worship music and came to find us. She needed help and came over. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Evelyn turned out to be a young, quirky girl that had just been kicked out of a local shelter and had nowhere to spend the night. She had been in Houston only two days. Her story was long and winding with quite a few details I’m sure she made up on the spot. The bottom line was evident: she needed help. I didn’t want to think of what her night would have looked like had we not taken her to a shelter. She looked too vulnerable for Houston’s streets. After praying over her, we drove Evelyn to Star of Hope, an emergency shelter known for their “emergency entries”. That was that.

As David and I drove home we thought, “If people only knew how easy it is.” That’s what I’m here to tell you. It’s ok if you don’t know what you’re doing or stumble awkwardly over your words. It’s ok if you are embarrassed or unsure. God asks us to be available. He has the game plan. It’s our job to trust and obey. People are broken all around us. As the church, let’s be available.


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