I love being in full time ministry!

Despite the crazy, unpredictable schedule, I love the tangible, physical work for the Kingdom. David and I are so blessed to work together in a ministry we are passionate about. Because things change each day, it has been challenging to keep you all updated, but I hope this post does the trick.

April 16th was our Ninth Annual Gala, where we raise most of our support for the year. The weeks and days leading up to the event were filled with excel spreadsheets, printing, meetings, office work and phone calls, but the event went very smoothly. It was held in the Westen Hotel in downtown Houston with just under 900 attendees. The testimonies included a prior Drag Queen who has given his life to the Lord and a mother who has adopted a Jail Baby through Little Footprints.

In other news, David and I finally finished painting the apartment! (David is finishing the Living Room as I type). This means that pictures will be coming soon. In addition, as you have probably seen from the abundant pictures from Facebook, we have brought home a four month old boxer puppy named Rufio. (Lovingly named after one of our favorite movies “Hook”)


We currently have two short term teams here from Tyler, TX. They have been a huge blessing, speaking at Street Church, helping with the Gala, doing work projects and joining us out on the streets for evangelism.

Please keep David and I in your prayers. Pray that we would “not grow weary of doing good” and that God’s joy would continue to fill us each and every day. We think of you all often!

David & Abigail


2 thoughts on “Snippits

  1. as always, we will keep you and your ministry in our prayers you are a blessing to us and all those you serve love grandma

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