“I lived out here on the streets for five years. I was heavily involved in the occult and demonic activities. I was a violent and angry. People told me all the time that it was literally impossible to get out. But I’m here to tell you that with Christ it is possible.”

This was the beginning of Liz’s testimony last night at Street Church. After two years of being off the streets, two years of Christian teaching, counseling and growth, Liz was able to return to Houston and share her testimony with other men and women in the same place she was in years ago. Liz shared, “For the first time in 25 years I wake up in the morning, without anger and with something to live for.”

Please continue to pray for more stories like Liz, and for the gospel to reach deep into the hearts of the street kids of Houston. We have two teams in town this week and we continue to prepare for our annual Gala on Monday, April 16th. This event is where a majority of the funds come in for Montrose Street Reach and Little Footprints. Please pray for favor during this event and peace as we arrange all of the last minute details.

On a personal note, we are in the process of settling into our new apartment. Because of how busy this past month has been we only have been able to set aside time on the weekends to work on our place. We are still searching for a few more pieces of furniture and need to paint a bit more, but once everything is finished we will share pictures of the finished product.

As always, thank you for you support and love.


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