From the Road

Greetings, from the OH Coffee Corner Coffee Shop. David and I left West Palm Beach at 6am 10 days ago with all of our belongings that hadn’t been either given away or sold, packed into our Pontiac Vibe. These belongings include kitchen supplies, clothes, a guitar, an African drum, a cactus and dragon tree, among other odd items.


We spent the weekend in VA Beach, visiting YWAM friends and New Life Providence Church, where David interned as an assistant youth pastor two years ago.  On Saturday night David spoke at Youth Group about the importance of the armor of God and maintaining a strong character.

On Sunday evening we arrived in Rhode Island to visit my family. We had a great time on Monday night for our Open House Fundraiser. It was truly encouraging to see so many friends there. Unfortunately, David and I both got pretty bad colds,   and mine has turned into tonsillitis. Besides a trip to IKEA, Fire and Ice, and watching my little brother’s championship basketball game, we spent most of our time resting and trying to recover from our colds.

Last night we arrived in OH, still a little sick, but excited to see God open up doors here.  We have 4 ½ more days here before the final stretch to Houston.

Please keep us in your prayers. Although finances have been coming in, we are still only a third of our way to our goal. We will need quite a few more monthly pledges to be able to affectively serve full time in Houston. In addition, please pray for safe travels and good health.


God Bless,

David and Abigail



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