Welcome to the blog portion of our website. We want this to be a place to share photographs, videos, and up-to-date stories on our lives (the ups and the downs) and what God is doing in Houston. Hopefully this means we will be hearing stories from y’all (I’m practicing my Texan-vocab) as well. Although we have family and friends waiting for us in Houston, so many of you are spread far and wide across the US (and beyond). Please keep in touch! Your friendship and encouragement is invaluable to us.

David and I are currently living in a cute apartment in West Palm Beach, complete with a hammock and extremely interesting neighbors. We have been here for the past five months while I finished up my Degree. It has been fun for me to “play house” here during our first months of marriage. I have been teaching myself to cook (with many phone calls to my mother) and as far as I can tell, David has enjoyed the food. For those of you who know me well and are now showing deep signs of concern, I will reassure you, I have only left the oven on after a meal 5 or 6 times and have only filled the house with smoke 3 or 4 times. Things are going well.

Our departure date from West Palm Beach is set for the 1st of March. It is a firm date, as this when we must be out of our apartment. Instead of traveling straight to Houston, we have decided to do a mini roadtrip while we’re at it. Right now our plan is to visit Rhode Island, Ohio, and possibly VA. Our goal is to spend time visiting family and friends as well as to raise funds. This may involve speaking in churches, hosting fundraising dinners, or just sharing our hearts one on one. If you want to be a part of our trip, or just want to share a cup of coffee, we would be overjoyed to visit with you. Please let us know!


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